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Video: Sudbury tween 'felt all the joys' after receiving mail from comedy legend Carol Burnett

Alexis Schilkie's admiration for the comedian actress began when her grandparents showed her bloopers from the Carol Burnett Show as a way to pass time during COVID-19 pandemic

While most of today's youth have never heard of the Carol Burnett Show, one 12-year-old girl from Sudbury was overjoyed when she received a signed photograph from the comedian and actress. 

Alexis Schilkie first saw Burnett's skits while she was visiting her mamie during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She showed the bloopers to her mémère and pépère, with whom she and her brother had been staying with while her parents were at work. 

"They explained to me who Carol Burnett was and from that day on, I liked her," Alexis said.

Alexis' admiration for Burnett may be new but she says she's researched everything there is to know about the 87-year-old American actress, comedian, singer and writer. 

One of her favourite t-shirts was a gift from her mémère and pépère that says "It's a Carol thing."

"She was so happy when she got that shirt," mémère Johan Schilkie said. "None of her friends understood it but the whole family did because it's something we all enjoy together. The pandemic was difficult and this was a way for all of us to just laugh and take our minds off it."

In August, Alexis decided to write a letter to her idol, asking for an autographed photo, and in November, her mémère and pépère received an envelope from Los Angeles, California.

"I came over one weekend and they gave me the letter and they were recording, so I was kind of suspicious," Alexis said. "When I opened the letter, I was in shock when I saw the photo. I felt all the joys."

You can see Alexis' reaction in the video below.


"When this COVID thing is over, I really hope I could meet her one day in person," Alexis said.

"(The photo) is really special to her so of course we're happy for her," Johan said. "We really enjoy hearing Alexis laugh because it's so innocent and honest."

"This has been a special time for all of us."


Heather Green-Oliver

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