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Video: We can't help but laugh at this city sweeper clearing record snow in the Valley

Well, that's one way to keep the dust down

Greater Sudbury residents were generally displeased about the snow that fell on May 1, but there's a video circulating online that has attracted some chuckles.

Check out this short video that John Rose shared of a City of Greater Sudbury sidewalk sweeper in the Valley. 

"The city is breaking out some new snow removal equipment in the Valley. Not too efficient but it gets the job done LOL." Rose wrote on Facebook.

"Snow removal budget been blown out of the water and cut off....street sweeping budget still fresh! Lol" Kerry Craig commented.

"This poor guy thought he was keeping the dust down lol" Mike Malette commented.

Greater Sudbury actually set a snowfall record on May 1. 

According to Environment Canada, 10 centimetres of snow fell in the Nickel City Wednesday - breaking the previous snowfall record of seven centimetres that fell on May 1 in 1992.