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World's largest peanut butter cup created in Levack

Northwest Fudge Factory breaks its fifth Guinness World Record in doing so

Northwest Fudge Factory has successfully created the world's largest peanut butter cup, weighing in at 600 pounds. The previous record, made by a chocolate shop in Los Angeles, was 440 pounds. 

"That was our motivation," said Chantelle Gorham, owner of Northwest Fudge Factory. “When a Facebook friend posted it about a year ago, we thought 'Well, that's easy enough for us to do.' ”

Gorham describes the overall process as easy, saying she completed it in one afternoon while her daughter was away at school. 

"It was just a super simple record and hopefully it'll last a little bit.”

Gorham is no stranger to Guinness World Records, having broken five of them in the past with her giant slabs of fudge, the most recent being nearly six thousand pounds. 

"As of this date, it remains unbroken" she said. “So this peanut butter cup is only ten percent of that record."

The cup is made with 150 pounds of chocolate fudge on each side and a 300-pound centre of peanut butter ( the confection is actually being made with the peanut butter substitute Wow Butter) as Gorham is partnering with the company. 

It will be broken up into 1,200 half-pound containers and sold at Science North's Canada Day event at $6 for one or $10 for two.