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Gallery shop celebrates anniversary

BY ROBERT TAGLIALEGNE What started out as a group of artists banding together to promote their works, has turned out to be a successful co-operative with its own gallery on Elgin St.

Veggies and fruit are preventative medicine

Eating five to 10 servings of vegetables and fruit each day has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, a leading cause of death in Canada. Yet many people still have a hard time reaching this goal.

War brides celebrate 60 years in Canada

BY GIANNI UBRIACO In 1946 nearly 45,000 European women left their homes and followed their Canadian husbands to Canada in search of new lives.

Canadian Learning Academy gets top marks from students, parents

Sudbury parents say they are thrilled their children have more confidence, self esteem and better grades after only a few sessions at the Canadian Learning Center.

Professors seek donations of books to help educate children in Africa

BY KEITH LACEY Two University of Sudbury professors are spearheading a project to bring books and reading materials to the war-ravaged African country of Burundi.

Johnny and Janey can?t read

A ?good percentage? of students entering college and university these days have extremely poor reading and writing skills, says the head of Laurentian University?s writing assistance program.