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Researchers to release breast cancer survey

Sudbury will host a consultation on recent breast cancer research Tuesday, April 25.

Art community mourns painters' death

BY KEITH LACEY Michel Galipeau died surrounded by the art and people who inspired and loved him. The well-known artist, who had a studio on Durham St., died last Thursday following a battle with cancer. He was 52.
Exploring the edible landscape of Gatchell

Exploring the edible landscape of Gatchell

After recently moving to Gatchell, I've come to realize this neighbourhood is Sudbury's very own Garden of Eden. The yards in this area of town feature luscious gardens complete with hops and grapevine arbors and an abundance of hardy fruit trees.
Crafty women enjoy rug hooking

Crafty women enjoy rug hooking

BY APRIL ANTONIAZZI A group of happy hookers has taken up residence at the Older Adult Centre on Durham St. It started last October when the centre offered a course on rug hooking, and the group continues to grow.

Developing the real Hollywood North

BY KEITH LACEY Greater Sudbury's push to become a destination point for movie and television producers across the country continues.
Hearing the call of the wild

Hearing the call of the wild

It's early morning in the wilderness around Burwash and the unmistakable, thundering bugle of a massive 1,000-pound bull elk pierces through the fog.

Aboriginal walkers will stop in Sudbury

The Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Walkers are stopping in Sudbury this weekend on their trek across Canada to raise awareness and action about youth suicide in this country.

Chicks,rabbits poor Easter gifts

With Easter just around the corner The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) is asking people not to buy or give small animals and birds as gifts.
Tuberous sclerosis? Sudbury mom tries to create
  awareness of disorder

Tuberous sclerosis? Sudbury mom tries to create awareness of disorder

Ask people if they've ever heard of a disease called tuberous sclerosis, and they'll probably look at you and think you've mispronounced tuberculosis.

New home has heart

The Sudbury District Habitat for Humanity will break ground on its newest project later this month. A home for the Ackerland family is being built in Coniston. Major sponsors are the Sudbury Real Estate Board and the The Amazing Persona.