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Nigerian was first black man hired by Inco

BY KEITH LACEY The man who, according to family legend, was the first West African to settle in Ontario and the first black man to be hired by Inco Ltd. in Sudbury died Monday.

Sudbury students shine at annual spelling bee

Hari Hullur correctly spelled majolica and baguette to win the senior's title at the Second Annual Greater Spelling Bee held Sunday, April 9, at Lockerby Composite School.
Wahnapitae woman releases husband's video of American

Wahnapitae woman releases husband's video of American trucks

BY KEITH LACEY In peaceful Wahnapitae, a woman is fighting her own private war waiting and worrying about her husband who is working in Iraq.

Diabetes Association wants old cell phones

(CNW) Anyone who has upgraded to a new cell phone has likely grappled with the question: What to do with the old one? The Canadian Diabetes Association in collaboration with PhoneBack, Canada has created Project Redial(TM) to promote the recovery, re

Anglican bishop to participate in Holy Week services

Holy Week will have an added significance for Anglicans in the Sudbury area this year. The Church of the Epiphany will be hosting Archbishop Michael Geoffrey Peers, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Make dental health a priority during Oral Health Month

Every child deserves a pain-free smile is the message being promoted by the Sudbury and District Health Unit during Oral Health Month in April.

Revolutionary idea for testing eyesight could produce more accurate results

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN When optometrists examine patients' eyes, they put different lenses in front of them to find out which strength gives that person the ability to see an eye chart clearly.

Sponsorship program for arts huge success

A fundraising campaign to assist the local arts community has proven to be a big success.

Health unit returns campaign promoting eating fruits, veggies

A unique campaign encouraging people to eat colourful vegetables and fruit at every meal is back for a second year. The Sudbury and District Health Unit is, for the second consecutive spring, sponsoring Paint Your Plate. Create a Masterpiece.

Sudbury Arts Council moves office to heart of downtown

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN Thanks to a few noisy youth concerts that provoked complaints from neighbours, the Sudbury Arts Council (SAC) has been forced to move from its location at 124 Cedar St. to a different part of the downtown.