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Ontario teachers stressed out

(CNW) Four out of five Ontario teachers would recommend teaching as a career, but report job stress that is almost twice the national average.

Most Canadians like their jobs

(CNW) With Labour Day around the corner, organizations should be happy with new survey findings suggest 89 percent of Canadians are satisfied with their current employer.

Bikers support women and non-profit housing

The Sault Ste. Marie HOG chapter is hosting the third annual Phoenix Rising Run fundraiser, this Saturday, Sept. 2 to Monday, Sept. 4. The fundraiser is in support of the Phoenix Rising Women's Centre and Non-Profit Homes Inc.
STC to commemorate 9/11

STC to commemorate 9/11

Sudbury Theatre Centre has joined forces with 12 other theatres across Canada to honour firefighters and to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.

Aug. 31 is contest deadline

Northern Life and A Touch of Class have put together another "dream" makeover contest. The deadline to enter is Thursday,Aug. 31. This time, we are offering a couple's makeover. That's right.
Local guitarists to strum famed guitar

Local guitarists to strum famed guitar

Several of the city's top guitarists as well as Franco-Ontarian folk musician  Robert Paquette are standing in line to play the famed "Canadian Guitar" this Thursday at the Towne House Tavern.
Back to school the United Way

Back to school the United Way

With the school year fast approaching, students are in need of back packs and supplies and the United Way along with the Sudbury Sunrisers Rotary Club are helping out families in need.

Art imitates life at Cinéfest 2006

A film about Bobby Kennedy, written and directed by the son of an actor who has made a career of playing American presidents, will be one of the gala film presentations at Cinéfest this year.

29 percent of women earn more than husbands

The dramatic increase in dual-earner couples during the last four decades has been accompanied by a gain just as dramatic in the number of wives who are the primary breadwinners, according to a new study from Statistics Canada.

Extreme Dance Studio has new home

BY STACEY MATHIAS-GEER Extreme Dance Studio in Coniston will be a flurry of movement when it opens its door for its fifth season this September . The dance studio has expanded over the summer moving from its former William Ave.