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GNO turns 10

BY COLE RIVARD Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario Centre d'Artistes (GNO) will be holding a series of events today to celebrate 10 years of trailblazing.
'Green' architecture way of future

'Green' architecture way of future

Green building is taking off in the United States and here in Sudbury.

Teacher had enthusiasm for life

BY KEITH LACEY There weren't enough hours in the day as far as Mary (Louise) McPhail was concerned. "She had more interests than anyone I ever met," said McPhail's best friend Sharon Urquhart.

Sudbury's blue box programs expands

Starting May 1, the City of Greater Sudbury's blue box program will accept more items.
Couple honoured for lifetime of service

Couple honoured for lifetime of service

BY TAMARA BELKOV Since the Memorial Hospital admitted its first patient 50 years ago, staff and volunteers have worked side-by-side helping patients and their families.

Music majors to perform concert

It's not every day people are exposed to classical music, which is why Sophie Bertrand is planning to sing at a classical concert accompanied by her classmate William Lemieux.

SWC to offer self-defence course

The Sudbury Women's Centre will present a self-defence course for women May 27. The course will help women gain self-awareness and self-esteem as well as knowledge of breathing techniques, and practical experience in self protection.

Early detection can save your life

Eating healthy foods, being active on a regular basis, limiting alcohol consumption, following sun protection guidelines, not smoking, and avoiding second-hand smoke are all important parts of a healthy lifestyle.

Community to celebrate the life of Joanne Nother

A special event is being planned to celebrate the life of well-known community activist Joanne Nother, who died in a fire Feb. 28, 2005.

Ancient food tasty and trendy

There is a recipe for asparagus in the oldest surviving book of recipes, Apicius's 3rd century CE De re coquinaria, Book III.