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Sponsorship program for arts huge success

A fundraising campaign to assist the local arts community has proven to be a big success.

Health unit returns campaign promoting eating fruits, veggies

A unique campaign encouraging people to eat colourful vegetables and fruit at every meal is back for a second year. The Sudbury and District Health Unit is, for the second consecutive spring, sponsoring Paint Your Plate. Create a Masterpiece.

Sudbury Arts Council moves office to heart of downtown

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN Thanks to a few noisy youth concerts that provoked complaints from neighbours, the Sudbury Arts Council (SAC) has been forced to move from its location at 124 Cedar St. to a different part of the downtown.

All Nations Church hosting Easter services

All Nations Church in Sudbury once again invites all members of the public to come out and celebrate the Easter season.

A few favourite things for Easter

There are special rituals, foods and flowers associated with Easter. Here are some of our favourites: Laura Secord Easter Eggs The original white buttercream with yellow centre Secord Easter egg was introduced in the 1920s.

Games keep brain active

A new survey finds maintaining brain fitness is a priority for Canadians worried about the deterioration of the brain due to aging.

Play about Danny has powerful message

BY FAYE MOFFATT, IAN SLOAN and GILLIAN SCHELL When churches become civic minded, communities are transformed for the better. Churches exist to be in solidarity with the poor: those in poverty, and people without homes.
New native day-care service

New native day-care service

Nevada Nettagog, 3, really enjoys his surroundings at Shki Biimaadizwin Kinoomaadwin, the new First Nations day-care centre.
Approachable, friendly LU prof the tops

Approachable, friendly LU prof the tops

BY HEIDI ULRICHSEN Not even a painful injury could keep Laurentian University psychology professor Cynthia Whissell away from the classroom. After breaking her hand last fall, Whissell got treatment and was back with her students the same day.

Gardener to share experiences

The arrival of spring means gardening.