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12 Days of Kindness: His small gesture meant the world to them, we return the favour

Watch as Ryan Murray turned the tables with gifts of his own for the family who nominated him

Even the smallest random act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s day.

The kind gesture that was shown by today’s act of kindness recipient proves just that.

Felicia Cress says her family has faced some tough challenges over the last few months, but a simple act of kindness from the man who operates the recycling truck turned the family’s bad day into a fabulous day.

Watch as we surprise Ryan Murray, the friendly Waste Management employee, who just happened to have a gift of his own in store for Felicia’s sons, Chase and Gabe. 

Thank you to KUPP Centre Indoor Playground and Cora for helping us with this double surprise.’s 12 Days of Kindness continues with another surprise tomorrow morning.

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