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12 Days of Kindness: She and her doggy bring joy to a whole neighbourhood, so they return the favour

We head to Chelmsford Animal Hospital to surprise Karen Lindquist and Kalin

Like a great neighbour, Karen Lindquist is kind and considerate, but it’s her giving spirit that makes her an extraordinary friend. 

Described as a saint who never asks for anything in return, Karen and her beloved doggy, Kalin, take care of everyone who lives on McNeil Boulevard. 

Watch as we surprise Karen after Kalin's appointment at the Chelmsford Animal Hospital.

Let's just say there were a lot of puppy kisses!

A big thank you to Chelmsford Animal HospitalRoyal Canin and Rosery Florist for being our partners in kindness and helping us surprise Karen and Kalin. 

Remember to join us on on Monday as the 12 Days of Kindness continues. 

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Heather Green-Oliver

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