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12 Days of Kindness: She thinks we're here to see the horses, but we're going to surprise her instead

The Sudbury Therapeutic Riding Program helps people with disabilities ride horses, but the pandemic means, like many non-profits, it's struggling financially

Welcome back to another day of's 12 Days of Kindness supported by @homeenergy.

The Sudbury Therapeutic Riding Program (STRP) allows people with disabilities to ride horses and the program wouldn't be what it is today without its passionate team of volunteers.

Rachelle Poirier is the president of the STRP and she thinks we're meeting her to do a story on Diablo, one of the program's "legacy" horses, but Rachelle has no idea that we're also here to recognize her for her big heart and dedicated leadership. 

Like many not-for-profit organizations, the STRP is struggling financially this year. 

If you are able to donate, every dollar will go directly to caring for the horses and will keep the STRP going so that kids and adults with special needs can continue to benefit from its services. 

Visit for more information.

The 12 Days of Kindness continues each weekday morning leading up to Christmas Day on

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