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12 Days of Kindness: We give this family an experience they won't soon forget

On our last AOK of the year, BESTECH helps us raise awareness about the importance of organ donation

The 12 Days of Kindness supported by @homeENERGY continues with a husband and father who is facing a life-altering liver disease for which there is no cure and currently, no medication to control it. 

Diagnosed when he was still in school, Erik Robichaud was doing well until this past year when things took a dramatic turn for the worse. His health is deteriorating and only a liver donor can help while he is still healthy enough for the surgery.

Many were touched by his story and we are hoping to spread a little Christmas cheer to Erik and his family while raising awareness about his need for a living liver donor.

Watch as we surprise the family with an experience they will never forget.

Our sincerest thanks to the people at BESTECH for not only providing a wonderful getaway for the Robichaud family, but for also helping us raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

Organ donations don’t just positively impact the life of the person who receives them – they also bring purpose to the family of the donor, with a gift of life that keeps giving.

A two-minute Act of Kindness can save up to eight lives. Becoming an organ or tissue donor is easy. Register at

To become a donor for Erik:

- You must have blood type B or O
- Be similar height/body size; Erik is 5-7
- Be in good health

For more information on becoming a living liver donor, click here.

Acts of Kindness continues:

We are so fortune to be able to share stories of remarkable people who live in our city. is looking forward to sharing more acts of kindness throughout the New Year and we hope you will join us.

To watch all our past Acts of Kindness, including the 12 Days of Kindness, go to