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A week away:’s 12 Days of Kindness countdown is set to begin

Heather Green-Oliver is busy surprising deserving Sudburians all over the city

The video series, which you can find on our YouTube channel, has more than 70 videos, and we’re set to add 12 more this year.

You’ve probably seen our own Heather Green-Oliver in her distinctive blue jacket and jaunty Santa hat on ads on the website already. You may even have seen Heather in one of the many 12 Days of Kindness videos we’ve done over the years.

Heather is the driving force behind our AOKs (our affectionate acronym for Acts of Kindness). Besides being the face of the campaign, Heather conceives the videos, decides how to tell the story and edits the final product.

What’s more, Heather also reaches out to our many supporters to secure gifts and items to be presented to our AOK recipients. 

It’s more than a full-time job from November through December. Heather is the lead, but producing the videos is very much a team effort, involving evaluating and choosing recipients, marketing, sources gifts and filming the videos.

And while it is certainly a lot of work, we love doing it. We love brightening someone’s day or making a small difference in their lives. And we know the many businesses and organizations that support the 12 Days of Kindness love it, too; they tell us they do. And they come back year after year to take part. 

Kindness is contagious, as we like to say. And we are chomping at the bit to spread more kindness around very soon.’s 12 Days of Kindness campaign begins Dec. 9.