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Area school bus cancellations down over late last week

There are 20 school bus cancellations today; on Friday, that number was 38

The number of cancelled school bus routes reported by Sudbury Student Services Consortium is down over late last week.

On Friday, there were 38 school bus routes that were cancelled - 28 due to bus driver absences (mostly due to the impact of COVID-19), seven due to bus driver shortages and three due to weather conditions.

The situation has improved notably over the weekend. There are five school bus routes that have been cancelled due to bus driver shortages for the week of Jan. 24, along with another 15 bus routes cancelled due to bus driver absences, for a total of 20 school bus route cancellations today.

The current list of cancelled routes is as follows:

  • Cancelled due to bus driver shortages for week of Jan. 24: L114, L807, L815, L883 as well as V915.
  • Cancelled due to bus driver absences: L103, L111, L365, L608, L618, L874, N407, NW427, N436, N449, N456, N459, N507, N515 and N750.