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Bartolucci bugged by PC ad campaign taking credit for medical school



Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci has taken exception to a recent advertising campaign paid for by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party that takes credit for the creation of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).

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?The Tories? new advertising campaign crediting NOSM to the Harris/Eves Tories is indicative of the same double speak, baffle-gab manipulation
tactics used by the former government to try to hoodwink northerners,? said the MPP.

The advertisement reads, ?Thank you to the former Progressive Conservative Government of Ontario and to Premier Mike Harris and Premier Ernie Eves for establishment of the Northern Ontario Medical School.?

The ad was also published in Sudbury and Thunder Bay newspapers.

According to a news release issued by Bartolucci Thursday, the Tories pumped about $12.8 million into the medical school while the Liberal government has anted more than $87.7 million. The federal government has given $6 million to the NOSM fund.

The release also said that in April 2001, the Tories announced the creation of NOSM, but without funding to back it up.

Bartolucci said he simply wants to see credit given where credit is due, and considers the effort put forth by northerners in lobbying the government
for the school to have played a larger role than the previous provincial government in establishing NOSM in Greater Sudbury.

He also wonders why NOSM didn?t invite either Mike Harris or Ernie Eves to the grand opening of the school, if they were, as the recent advertising campaign boasts, indeed responsible for its creation.

The Sudbury MPP said he plans on reminding John Tory, leader of the Ontario PC party, who was really responsible for the new medical school.

?He (Tory) is just a new face on the same old Tory story,? said Bartolucci.

?John Tory is simply the new front man for the same gang of Harris/Eves Tories that citizens living north of Parry Sound have firmly rejected for years.?