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Cambrian offering continuing ed options

‘Modern continuing education is like a menu’
Cambrian College entrance

For most people, a college education is a two- or three-year investment that leads to a diploma in a specific program.

But increasingly, people just want to get a college education, one credit at a time, either for professional development, skills upgrading, or personal enrichment. This is the world of Continuing Education.

To meet this growing need, Cambrian College is enhancing its Continuing Education programing in order to meet the changing needs of industry along with the academic pursuits and interests of current, former and even new students.

“We’re evolving our Continuing Education programming to ensure that anyone who wants to add to their existing education can do so, even if it is one course at a time,” says Charline Smith, Chair, Academic Success and Continuous Learning at Cambrian College. 

“Modern continuing education is like a menu. You can order a specific certificate program in a particular discipline, or you can pick and choose individual courses to your liking. At Cambrian, we’re all about giving students the flexibility, variety, and autonomy to enrich their qualifications and personal growth.”

Cambrian College offers all of its continuing education programs and courses on a full-time or part-time basis and online, providing as much flexibility as possible to suit our learners’ needs.

Certificate programs offered through Continuing Education include Business Writing, Construction Management, Dental or Medical Office Assistant, Palliative Care, and Trades Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and many more.

You can also take individual courses in such topics as: Accounting Basics, Adobe Illustrator, Computer-aided Drafting, Principles of Sales, and Social Media Marketing, to name a few.

There are many more courses to explore.

To learn more about Cambrian Continuing Education programs and courses and when to register, visit