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CCHS alumni donate to current generation of Copper Cliff students

Funds raised go to elementary school’s music program, bursaries

A reunion of the alumni of Copper Cliff High School (CCHS) this past summer has raised funds to benefit the current generation of students in the community of Copper Cliff.

CCHS closed in 1980, but the building is still occupied by the community’s elementary school, Copper Cliff Public School (CCPS).

Replicas of a painting of the school building created by Barb Giommi were sold at the reunion this past summer. A donation amount of $1,000 coming from sales of the prints were donated to the school for use by the CCPS music program.

The painting itself has also now been donated to the school.

A second cheque of more than $3,000 stemming from was also presented to CCPS by the reunion organizing committee. The money came from proceeds from the reunion event, including donations from a variety of sources and registration fees.

These funds will go toward Grade 8 bursaries at Copper Cliff school in the name of CCHS alumni. The bursaries will be presented to “particularly school-spirited” students for many years to come.