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Superstore handing out re-usable coins as it starts charging for carts today

Company says the move helps it better manage costs
Real Canadian Superstore Sudbury starts charging $1 to use cards today.

You'll start paying a dollar to use (or perhaps more accurately, rent) shopping carts at the Real Canadian Superstore on Lasalle Boulevard starting today.

While this move proved highly unpopular when Walmart tried it several months ago (and quickly abandoned it), a spokesperson for Loblaw, the supermarket chain's parent company, told the move helps the store better manage costs relating to cart maintenance and also reduces the number carts abandoned in the parking lot.

The company is also throwing shoppers a bone.

"To support our customers through this transition, store colleagues will be handing out a number of free coin cart keychains containing a reusable coin, that can be used to unlock a shopping cart and can be easily attached to an existing key ring," was told.

Although carts will require a loonie to use, your coin will be returned after you return your cart.

Walmart in New Sudbury made the same change over to coin carts last April and the move was met with quite of a bit of negativity online at and on Facebook.

Management at New Sudbury Walmart ultimately opted to go back to the traditional coin-free carts in October, just six months after introducing the coin carts.