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College walking event will help provide dental services for financially challenged patients

Donation will allow  access to oral health for those in the community who are financially challenged. 

Cambrian College's annual Walk For a Smile event has resulted in a $18,746 donation for oral health care to be provided by the Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner Clinics (SDNPC).

The donation is to allow  access to oral health for those in the community who are financially challenged. 

“The students in our Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting programs understand and embrace the importance of oral health on overall wellness. Giving back to the community helps students grow and develop a sense of purpose both within themselves and as part of a community,” said June Raymond, Dean of Health Sciences, Nursing & Emergency Services, at Cambrian. 

The nurse practitioner clinic said the donation will allow for the purchase of medical equipment to provide oral health care. 

“During the construction of our downtown location, we planned for the possibility that we would be able to offer enhanced dental screening and services in the future. Thanks to this donation, the vision is closer to becoming a reality with the opportunity to purchase much needed equipment,” said Jennifer Clement, Executive Director, SDNPC.

Dental Hygiene program graduate Joanne Brozny said the charity walk fundraiser event was important to the dental students.

“Having the opportunity to work together towards something greater than ourselves was very rewarding. We spend many years learning about the importance of oral health and being able to share that knowledge or offer any form of help to those who don’t have access is our role as Health Care Practitioners. The betterment of the community will always be my goal as a Dental Hygienist!” she said.