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Coniston mystery: Researcher finds 92 more people who could be buried at 100-year-old cemetery

Friends and family asked to confirm the names below so they may be added to the new plaque

Just a few months after beginning his search to determine the names of those buried at the Coniston Cemetery, Jason Marcon of the Coniston Historical Society has identified 92 names of people he believes were laid to rest on the hilltop property, but for whom records are somewhat scarce.

And that's where you come in. Marcon is hoping he can use crowdsourcing to confirm that the names he uncovered are buried at the century-old cemetery, tucked away beneath a canopy of trees in an uninhabited area of the small community.

This project was started 26 years ago by Mike Solski, a former mayor of Coniston, who erected a memorial on Oct. 19, 1997, to honour the 115 individuals identified in his search. Find more information on the memorial project here.

Please be advised that the names were deciphered from handwritten documents and may need to have the spelling corrected. 

The following names are of people listed on the Death Registration as having died in Coniston. Death Registrations during the years 1914, 1915 and 1916 did not include the place of burial, and therefore must be confirmed by friends or family before they can be added to the memorial. 


Pelletier, Harry Gordon
Spencer, Gresley(?) William
Petrina, Byll
Paradis, Ovid
Scott (Male Baby)
Tancredi, Marie
Goodwin, Edward Leigh
Devino, Jeno
Larocque, Liliane
Fleming, Jeremiah
Wlyczniz, Michael
Rannelli, Katherine (mother)
Rannelli, Katherine (child)


Butler, Mary Cull
Gravelle, Matilda
Trocatta, Guseppe
Philipo (Male Baby)
Benoit, Leline
Benoit, Leo


Beniamino, Flavio Marie
Hall, Alice
McDonough, Mary
Gobbo (Jobo), Carlo
Trehan, Joseph Horace Albert
Pilon, Dona
Couturier, Josepha
Bushowki, Jennie
Hickey, Agnes
Curley, Donald John
Miron, Alice            
Pauquette, William

The following names are of people, with the exception of two, who have a Burial Permit but no accompanying Death Registration. Because of this, their names must be confirmed by friends or family before they can be added to the memorial. 


Chezzi, Aldo (Unconfirmed By A Death Record or Burial Record)


Merchuk, Demytro (Unconfirmed By a Death Record)


Caverson, Nina/Ruia (Unconfirmed By A Death Record)
Ladouceur, Lucien (Unconfirmed Place of Burial)


Belowos, Wasyl (Unconfirmed by a Death Record)


Lalonde, Irene (Unconfirmed By a Death Record)
Richer, Mary (Unconfirmed By a Death Record)

The following names are of people confirmed to be buried at the Coniston Cemetery but are not yet on the memorial. Their names will be added onto a new plaque after all of the unconfirmed names have been looked into thoroughly and the names below have been checked for accuracy. 


Caderette, Ellen
Rannelli, Katherine (mother)    
Rannelli, Katherine (child)


Olivier, Josephine (Already honoured at a ceremony last October)


Bouchard, Joseph Charles
Buchowski, Jennie
Chudyk, Michael
Coppo, Marietta
Crezenowski, Mary


Curley, James Woodrow
Dupuis, Anna
Dupuis, Mary Rosina
Gauthier, Henrie
Racicot, Arthur


Buskaski, Manda
Demuzack, George
Lalonde, Mary
Mazato, Pietro
Pasquelo, Rina
Rannelli, Alfen
Russell, Charles
Slimkicwizk, Nik (I)            
Wazny, Frank (formally listed as Drowned Man)


Baby, Mary
Daulut/Davluk, Mike (I)
Daulut/Davluk, Mike (II)
Hall, Katherine
Kruchceoysk, Wasylyna
Hickey, Joseph
Michaud, Mariana
Rannelli, Ruby


Blake, Joseph Alfred
Charette (Male Baby)
Charette, Anna
Desbois, Florence
Desloges, William Leonel
Lafrance, Délima
Smith, Sidney


Frenette, Rhéa
Hall, Doris (I)
Rannelli, Lucy
Russell, Raymond        


Carré, Marie
Chezzi, Aldo
Zalinski, Wasyl


Dubreuil, Joseph
Lalande, Oscar
Lapointe, Lucile


Hynes, Winifred Alina


Beauparlant, Maurice
Foisey, Marie Irene
Hickey, Mary Grace        


Lauzon (Male Baby)


Chmara, Olga


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