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Council race: Ward 12 candidate for new jobs and growing the economy

Shawn Ouimet lays out some of his platform ideas
Ward 12 candidate Shawn Ouimet says if elected he would focus on bringing new jobs to the city and growing the economy.

Ward 12 candidate Shawn Ouimet says if elected he would focus on bringing new jobs to the city and growing the economy.

Although running in Ward 12, Ouimet said he doesn’t live in the ward, but was born and raised there, defending his decision to relocate to the Valley.

He spends a good deal of the news release speaking about the incumbent, Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, saying he will not be intimidated by her.

The full text of Ouimet’s release is below.

Shawn Ouimet attended a great event put on by the LU architecture students with some amazing designs for the Flour Mill, Laforest Street revitalization project so that it could bring back some of the history and colour back to a once beautiful area. Shawn also wanted give a special mention to Ted Wilson who helped guide these students to put their ideas on paper. 

However something that troubled the Ward 12 candidate was how the incumbent, Joselyn Landry-Altmann, decided to attack him while he was commending some students on their design project. Instead of being the professional that she states she is, she rudely interrupted his conversation and claimed that he had been bad-mouthing her to all of her supporters, which is absolutely false.

One of her supporters gave statements about Mrs. Landry-Altmann’s platform and the work that she had done, such as the splash pad in New Sudbury.

Shawn Ouimet states if elected as your Ward 12 councillor, his first priority will be to foster new jobs for our city and grow our economy, not helping associations which he states he is not committed to any. He believes that when companies look to invest in our city and create meaningful employment, they do their due diligence and look into the past transgressions within the city. These are the kind of first impressions that will help draw or impede new business to Greater Sudbury? He continues to say that our city has various incentive programs to draw new business to the city, and asks if the incumbent once suggested or offered ideas to draw new business to the city? Or has she been building playgrounds? I will say the playgrounds look great and my daughter’s favorite is Ridgecrest, however how many families will be there to play at a park if we don’t have meaningful employment to keep these families in Greater Sudbury?

The incumbent, Mrs. Landry-Altmann, also aggressively questioned Shawn in front of those students on where he resides and currently, yes he does live in the Valley and he would like to make note that it takes him 12 minutes to drive from his current residence to Lasalle-Notre Dame. He moved his family from his Ward 12 home to the Valley for the safety of his wife and kids.

“I didn’t like her driving to work (Hanmer High school) in the winter especially after the numerous car accidents and fatalities that have happened on MR 80. I care too much for my family to see harm come to them.”

He wanted all residents in Ward 12 to know that he lived in Ward 12, bought his first house in Ward 12, raised his first child in Ward 12, and now is looking at moving back to Ward 12, since his wife recently has been transferred to Macdonald-Cartier School along with teaching at Collège-Boréal. 

He also has been questioned why I don’t speak French with a French last name. He goes on to explain when he was young he had a problem rolling his Rs and had/ has (sorry Mr. K.) a speech impediment where he would slur his Ss and that made it difficult for him to speak French. 

He again wanted to assure people that he was raised in New Sudbury Ward 12, went to Lasalle, then Cambrian and now runs a digital advertising/marketing business where he has clients in the Flour Mill, New Sudbury and elsewhere in the city, meaning I am everywhere and very accessible to all residents in Ward 12. 

If the incumbent Mrs. Landry-Altmann wishes to use my speech impediment and the location of my current residence as a negative, he is quite fine because it proves that she cannot discredit his platform and ideas to improve the ward, and she needs to deflect residents away from his ideas because she is unable to bring her own ideas to counter. 

Shawn Ouimet Ward 12 candidate would like to tell the incumbent Mrs. Landry-Altmann that he will not be bullied or intimidated by her and as he has gone canvassing from door to door … to door, many in the ward have her yard signs, however are not voting for her. They do not like her decisions this past term. They are tired of the incumbent not responding to their inquiries and only working with her clique groups.  

Shawn Ouimet, truthfully expected more professionalism and class from a three-term councillor, not bullying tactics. Let’s let our platforms and ideas do the talking to the voters. Shawn’s ideas can be viewed on and he believes he has the strongest ideas that he added a link to all other candidates as well.