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COVID-19 measures remain in place at the Greater Sudbury Airport

While many COVID-19 restrictions are being eased across Canada, airports still have strict controls in place
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COVID-19 requirements at Greater Sudbury Airport will remain in place into the foreseeable future, despite many restrictions being lifted locally and provincially.

As airline flights and passenger traffic increase at the Greater Sudbury Airport, airport management would like to remind the public that airports are governed by federal regulations, said a news release.

“Masking continues to be required at all times for our passengers, airport personnel and contractors to enter the airport terminal, along with proof of vaccination," said Jean-Mathieu Chenier, director of Marketing, Airport Excellence & Innovation. 

“We want the public to be informed that when they come to the Greater Sudbury Airport, they should arrive with their approved face mask and proof of vaccination.” 

It is important to note that only ticketed passengers and airport personnel are permitted in the airport terminal, said the release. Friends and family are still being asked to remain at their vehicles while waiting for their passenger’s arrival. 

The Greater Sudbury Airport was awarded the Safe Travels Stamp by the Worldwide Travel & Tourism organization during the pandemic, for meeting and exceeding international health standards, said the release.

For more information on air travel COVID requirements, contact your airline, or go to and



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