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Cute alert! Sudbury tot sells lemonade, raises $1,750 for hospital

Little Hugo Mansourian just 'loves learning about the hospital'
Hugo Mansourian dispenses lemonade. (Supplied)

Hugo Mansourian may just be two years old, but he stopped by the Health Sciences North Foundation with a pretty big cheque last month.

The tot raised $1,750 through his lemonade stand this past summer (well, we're sure he had some help from mom and dad). 

You may have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a delicious glass of peach vanilla or strawberry mint lemonade from Sudbury’s very own Hugo’s Lemonade Stand.

Joseph and Elaina Mansourian encouraged Hugo to start his charity venture when he started showing an active interest in running a lemonade stand. 

No one was surprised as to how engaged he was throughout the entire process, from painting the stand to squeezing all the lemons and serving the customers.

What was a surprise was how quickly they sold out of lemonade! 

After being in business for only two days, Hugo’s Lemonade had successfully made a whopping $875, and his investors (Joseph and Elaina) matched his sales, bringing the amount of the donation to $1,750.

When asked why they chose Health Sciences North Foundation as the recipient of their donation, Joseph said “We were so pleased with the care and professionalism we received from HSN when our children were born. We loved the experience and felt this was a beautiful way to give back. And candidly, Hugo loves learning about the hospital; he’s a helicopter and ambulance fanatic.”

As for those who did not get a chance to experience Hugo’s Lemonade, the Mansourian family plans on keeping the stand running each summer for as long as Hugo wants to, or at least until his seven-month old sister Evalina inherits the business.