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First eclipsed sunrise in 63 years makes for a spectacular morning show

The first eclipsed sunrise is 63 years made for a spectacular show in the morning skies this morning.

Also called a ‘horned sunrise’, the event was caused by a partial annular solar eclipse. 

A couple of Sudburians have already shared photos of the eclipse with us. If you want to share yours, email it to

Olathe MacIntyre, a staff scientist at Science North, told on Wednesday that she was pretty excited about astronomical event.

She said the “path of annularity” is over the James Bay coast, which means points south of that and north of Lake Superior would get the best views of the horned sunrise. It’s clear from the photos readers have shared that the event was definitely spectacular.

Science North partnered with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the North Bay Astronomy Club, and with for the event.

In fact, the North Bay club worked with to broadcast the horned sunrise from three telescopes in the Gateway City to TimeandDate’s server in Norway, the club said on its website. As well, the feed from one of those telescopes was sent to NASA to be broadcast on the NASA TV channel.

If you’re looking for more eclipse fun, wait three years. Northerners will get to see a total eclipse of the sun on April 8, 2024.