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Disability accommodation at Cambrian gets $300K boost

Scotiabank donates to support several accommodation projects at Sudbury college

Completing college can be challenging for all students, particularly those who need special physical or learning accommodations.

To help these students succeed, Scotiabank has committed $300,000 to support several accommodation projects at Cambrian College.

The funding is being provided through ScotiaRISE, Scotiabank’s 10-year, $500 million community investment commitment to strengthen economic resilience among disadvantaged groups. 

The funds will support a dynamic new program to assist Cambrian College students who need some extra help.

“We all play an integral role in fostering equity, diversity and inclusion in our communities,” said Maria Saros, vice-president and global head of social impact at Scotiabank, in a press release. 

“Through ScotiaRISE, we are proud to work with Cambrian College to support students in their transition to post-secondary life.”

The ScotiaRISE funding will be used to support various initiatives at Cambrian College:

  • Transitioning from Secondary to Post-secondary Education Accessibility advisors in Cambrian’s Glenn Crombie Centre for Accessibility, Counselling and Wellness will partner with local high schools to help students with special needs make a successful transition to college.
  • Secondary School Guidance Counsellors: Cambrian will connect annually with guidance counsellors, sharing knowledge on how to prepare students with special accommodations for life at college.
  • Accommodation Self-Advocacy & Disclosure Program: Students at Cambrian who need physical or academic accommodations will be empowered to confidently communicate their needs, know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to academic or physical accommodations, and how best to access the services available to them.
  • Transitioning from Post-secondary to the Workplace: In their graduating year, students with physical or academic accommodations will be trained in how to advocate for themselves as they enter the labour market. Topics include how and when to disclose the need for accommodation, as well as employee and employer rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace accommodation.
  • Scotiabank Hardship Fund for Psychoeducational Assessments, Specialized Software and Assistive Technology: This fund will support students in need of specialized tools and resources to support them in their educational journeys. This could range from funding to cover the costs of ministry-required psychoeducational assessments and disability-related software to recording devices and specialized resources (medical dictionary apps, portable readers, pen scanners and administrative costs associated with medical forms/documentation).

With the support of Scotiabank, Cambrian College will also host an annual conference for employers, with an emphasis on accommodating employees with less-recognizable disabilities or mental health needs. This concentrated, day-long conference will feature keynote speakers, workshop sessions and more.

“This is a fantastic partnership and an amazing endeavour,” said Kristine Morrissey, President of Cambrian College. “Scotiabank truly does demonstrate how companies and organizations that have a national footprint are working to better the lives of students and ensure they are on a safe, inclusive and fulfilling academic journey.”

“We’re excited to work with Scotiabank to implement these important services across campus,” said Seija Korpela, Director of the Glenn Crombie Centre for Student Supports. “This is a partnership that will benefit our students in a meaningful way and extend well beyond their time here at Cambrian.”


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