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Dodge makes $25K donation to Sudbury Charities Foundation

Doyle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram makes the first installment of three donations of $25,000 to the Sudbury Charities Foundation as a part of their anniversary pledge
Claude Charbonneau (left), president of the Sudbury Charities Foundation, Brian Doyle, co-owner of Doyle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Blake Didone, co-owner of Doyle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Steve McNeil, board director of the Sudbury Charities Foundation (right).

On June 16, Doyle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram presented a $25,000 donation in the form of a cheque to the Sudbury Charities Foundation as the first installment of three. 

Earlier this year in January, Doyle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram committed to a $75,000 pledge to the charities foundation at the Sudbury charities dinner. The dealership embarked on a charitable campaign in honour of its 100th anniversary.

“We made the donation to the board because last year during our ‘Doyle Dodge 100 years in the community, $100,000 for the community’ campaign, we got to work fairly closely with a lot of local charitable organizations, one of which was Sudbury Charities Foundation,” Blake Didone told 

Didone is one of the co-owners of Doyle Dodge. 

“A lot of them (local charity organizations) are organizations that are supported by the funds raised by Sudbury Charities Foundation. And we just thought it was a great fit to what we wanted to do for the community.” 

Last year, Doyle Dodge celebrated its 100th anniversary in business as Canada's oldest Chrysler dealership. They decided to celebrate by giving back to the community with $100,000 to various charitable organizations. This year, they’re continuing on with the donations because of the impact it has on the community. 

“Over the last 18 months, through our (100th anniversary) community campaign, we've really been able to kind of see behind closed doors how many vulnerable people in the community need assistance from these charitable organizations. Due to some of the struggles of the pandemic, a lot of these organizations do not have the resources they once had, such as financial resources, supplies, support, and people,” Didone said. “Thanks to a community that supports our business, we are in the position to continue to help as we want it to.” 

The June 16 donation was the first installment of three for a $75,000 pledge, the other two installments will roll out annually (2023, 2024). The two co-owners of Doyle Dodge, Didone and Brian Doyle will also join the board of the Sudbury Charities Foundation.

Claude Charbonneau, president of the Sudbury Charities Foundation spoke on what it means to receive the donation. 

“We're very happy that they were willing to sponsor us this year. And they've also made a commitment, not just for this year, but for a total of three years at this time. And Blake and Brian also have gone above and beyond. They’ve actually joined the board and the goal with that was not just to have representation in terms of money, they have proven themselves to be able to leverage their expertise and their knowledge, and the resources outside of just the cash donation to really help our charity,” Charbonneau said. 

“It (the donation) means the world to us, it means the world to the people that receive these grants.”