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Donate to Sudbury Women’s Centre at Hanmer Shoppers

Purchase a ‘heart hand’ icon to support women and families fleeing violence

Sudbury Women’s Centre (SWC) asks residents of Sudbury to donate at the Hanmer Shoppers Drug Mart over the next few weeks to support the agency’s work.

Community members can support SWC by donating to the annual Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health ™ Giving Shelter campaign, which supports women and families fleeing violence.

Violence against women is far more common than we think, with two in five women experiencing domestic violence in their lifetime. 

Many of us may not realize that a friend, neighbour, or coworker could be affected by domestic violence. Globally, intimate partner violence is one of the most frequent forms of violence against women. 

Concerningly, 80 per cent of intimate partner violence continues to go unreported. 

SWC has partnered with the Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health to raise funds that will

allow them to continue providing information, referrals, and support services to women, girls and

gender-diverse individuals who have been impacted by violence and/or difficult life circumstances.

“Domestic violence continues to be a devastating issue for women across Canada, and in our

community, it’s crucial for women fleeing domestic violence to have support services,” said Giulia Carpenter, executive director at SWC “Through the Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health Giving Shelter campaign, Suburians have the opportunity to give back and make a difference for women in our community who desperately need our services.”

The in-store campaign provides customers with the opportunity to purchase and personalize Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health icons, which are prominently displayed in all participating stores. 

Until Oct. 6, customers can support women in their community by visiting the Shoppers Drug Mart at 5118 Highway 69 North, Hanmer, and purchasing a “heart hand” icon, a blue heart hand for $2, red heart hand for $5, dark blue heart hand for $10 and a purple heart hand for $20, with 100 per cent of funds supporting SWC.


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