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Downtown Sudbury BIA pushes for public washrooms

Citing a lack of public washrooms as discouraging downtown tourism, the Downtown Sudbury BIA is advocating for city council to do something about it
The sun sets over Greater Sudbury’s downtown core.

Everybody poops, and the Downtown Sudbury Business Improvement Area’s leadership wants to make sure there are public places to take care of bathroom business downtown. 

“This issue affects everyone, from business people who may need to use the washroom during their workday, to families with young children, to vulnerable populations who may not have access to private washrooms,” the organization said in a media release. 

“The lack of public washrooms can also discourage tourism in the area.”

In the media release, former BIA chair Jeff MacIntyre, who also owns Marketing Hounds, said, "Downtowns everywhere are facing this same issue, progressive cities are meeting the challenge head on with housing and bathroom facilities and have been seeing success. Sudbury has been slower to respond to this and I'm really hopeful that our new council has the energy to take on these challenges."

A lack of public washrooms disproportionately impacts the homeless population, who do not have access to private washrooms, the media release noted. 

“The lack of public facilities can lead to feelings of shame and indignity,” they wrote. “It is important that we approach this issue with compassion and understanding, and work towards finding solutions that support and uplift all members of our community.

Downtown Sudbury BIA co-chair Kendra MacIsaac said it’s a complex issue, but one that needs to be addressed. 

“The Downtown Sudbury BIA is committed to working with the City of Greater Sudbury and our members to find a solution to support the lack of accessible washrooms in the downtown core and ensure that these services are provided."


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