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Extreme Cold Weather Alert issued for the city of Greater Sudbury

Feels like -25 with windchill tonight
Brrr! cold Turl 2016
Homelessness Network of Sudbury has issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert for the next twenty-four hours. (Jeff Turl)

The Homelessness Network of Sudbury has issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert for the next twenty-four hours.

The Extreme Cold Weather Alert program is an initiative funded by the City of Greater Sudbury to protect those who are most vulnerable to intensely cold weather conditions.

This Alert will put into action a short-term emergency plan to increase community services when the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius or when Environment Canada issues a storm watch or weather warning. 

Environment Canada has forecast a low of -17 C tonight, but the windchill will make it feel more like -21 C.

According to the new trigger a daily low of -20 C with wind chill warrants that an Extreme Cold Weather Alert be issued.

People on the street will be encouraged to voluntarily access shelters and services. Individuals who may be at risk due to low temperatures in their homes are also eligible for these services.

Under a community partnership agreement, agencies will implement or extend the following community services:

Hot Line: 675-6422: L’Association des jeunes de la rue will operate an overnight phone line to direct callers to appropriate services and to take calls from concerned citizens.

Shelters: Emergency shelter programs for homeless persons are available 24 hours through Salvation Army men’s shelter, Cedar Place for women and children and l’Association des jeunes de le rue for youth. 

Emergency Warming Centre: The Elgin Street Mission will become an emergency warming centre and extend their regular hours of operation by remaining open 24 hours during an Extreme Cold Weather Alert.  As part of its emergency response, they will also provide a hot meal at night.

Off The Street Emergency Shelter Program:  The Off The Street (OTS) Emergency Shelter Program is open for the 2017/2018 winter season. The OTS provides temporary cots and a warm, safe place to sleep for persons who are under the influence or otherwise disconnected from mainstream shelter services. This shelter, located at 200 Larch St., will run from 8:30 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. every night until April 16th, 2018.

Outreach: L’Association des jeunes de la rue (Community Outreach Program) will provide overnight services to make contact with people on the street and to transport individuals to shelters. Outreach workers will be equipped with extra clothing, blankets and coffee for those who choose not to access shelters.