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Extreme Makeover

BY CRAIG GILBERT [email protected] Local morning radio personalities Melanie Dahl and Terry Callghan are looking for a few extreme women. Terry and Mel from Q92 Their station, Q92, is teaming up Dr.

Local morning radio personalities Melanie Dahl and Terry Callghan are looking for a few extreme women.

Terry and Mel from Q92
Their station, Q92, is teaming up Dr. Scott Barr and many other local businesses to put on a Sudbury first: the Q92/Barr Plastic Surgery Extreme Makeover contest.

The first casting call for contestants goes Sunday from noon to 3 pm at the Southridge Mall.

The contest is open to women 25 and over.

That demographic was targeted because the best candidate for the makeover will most likely be there, according to Callaghan.

?It?s not a winner that fills out a ballot and is drawn, it?s the best candidate for the surgery that is chosen by our judges. She will go through the same screening process all Dr. Barr?s clients do.?

Planning for the giveaway has been going on since the fall, a short time after Callaghan got the idea for the contest while watching an extreme makeover show on television.

And the contest is very open-ended: it is hoped the candidate will be selected by April, but the contest won?t have run its course until at least the fall.

?It?s a huge prize package and we want it to go to the right person,? Callaghan said.

?We want to do this right,? Dahl added.

Among other requirements, the successful candidate will be required to take part in a nutrition and exercise regimen with a personal trainer prior to undergoing surgery.

?That?s when the surgery has its best results,? Dahl said.

She added how long the regimen is to be maintained before the surgery will depend on the winner.

?If it?s an aerobics instructor at a gym, we probably will be able to get right to it.?
The catch line for the desired effect of the contest is a change from ?head to soul.?

?It?s not just about getting that best bikini body, it?s about changing life habits, building self-esteem and feeling confident from the inside out,? said Dahl.

The inside may be up to the winner, but she will have an extreme local team of aesthetics experts to take care of the rest.

Terry said the prize package is huge, and Sudbury has never seen the like of it.

The plastic surgery, which will include any procedure the winner desires, is ?from and centre? in the package, but there is much more, including:
? A complete spa package from The Ultimate You;
? An entire business, casual and day wear wardrobe from Lynn?s Place in Capreol;
? Cosmetic dental work from Dr. Roch St. Aubin of the Sudbury Dental Group;
? A signature portrait and custom photo portfolio from Dupont Photography Studios;
? The latest in laser vision technology and correction from the Sorgini Eye Institute;
? 12 weeks of customized exercise programs and a personal trainer from Life Zone Fitness;
? 24 Spritz Tans from Arctic Tan;
? A formal gown from Bottegga Mia;
? A personalized twelve week nutrition program and support from Life Zone Nutrition;
? A selection of top footwear from Sole Mates Family Footwear in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre;
? Frank Marasco?s famous hair-spa program including hair-spa, cut and colour from A Touch of Class;
? A yellow and white gold diamond earring and pendant set from Robert Brown.
The package is topped off with a reveal party at Pat and Mario?s once the makeover is complete.
With a package like that, it?s easy to understand the fevered interest Dahl and Callaghan say they have been seeing.

?We?re blown away by the whole scope of the thing,? he said. ?We?ve created a buzz on the street that is different from any other we?ve seen as the result of a contest.?

?The interest we?ve seen,? Dahl adds, ?from the calls in the morning, to women on the street to friends I work out with, is overwhelming. They all want to know how to get involved.?

There will be three casting calls in total: this Sunday, the 21 and 28.

Tune in to Q92 for details on the second and third casting calls.


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