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Families pay tribute with tumour walk

Sudbury Families gathered to raise awareness about brain tumour

Veronique was only 16 when she first found out. 

Her mother had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. 

“It was confusing, I wasn’t sure what was happening, and it was scary,” Veronique said. 

Her mother underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove the tumour. 

“I was at school, texting my dad the entire time,” she said.

For Veronique and her family, there was light at the end of the dark tunnel. Her mother has since recovered. 

Both Veronique and her mother have since been participating in the Brain Tumour Walk organized in Sudbury. 

Veronique and her family were not alone, many other Sudbury families joined in to raise awareness of the often-complex diagnosis of a brain tumour. 

Some families like Veronique the battle had been difficult, but they had emerged victorious. But for Shannon’s family the Brain tumour walk was just another way to pay tribute to their daughter and niece. 

“When we first found out it was devastating, she was a so young, and a young mother,” Marianne Leonard, Shannon’s aunt said. 

“Her motto was never give up, and it’s been seven years today, it is a very emotional day. She was a fighter,” a teary-eyed Lucie Parry, Shannon’s mother said. 

The walk is aimed at not only raising awareness but also funds to support anyone affected by a brain tumour. 

“We just hope through the funds raised, they can save at least another life,” Parry said. 

If you missed out on the walk, check out the heroic survivors and the brave families who gathered at Kivi Park in our gallery.

Gia Patil

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