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Ford promises steep fines for those who don't follow COVID-19 rules

Ontario's fines will be "highest in the country" says Premier

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says Ontario will have the highest fines in the country for individuals who don't follow COVID-19 rules.

During his press conference on Sept. 16, Ford was questioned about social gatherings and whether or not tighter restrictions would be put in place in areas that have seen high numbers of cases of late.

Ford was questioned if the limits on gatherings would be focused mainly on backyard parties, weddings and gatherings of close friends or if it would extend to bars, restaurants and gyms.

"I'm bringing this to the cabinet right after our press conference here and we'll have a good wholesome discussion," said Ford. 

"I never make a move without it being consulted with the chief medical officer of that region and the mayor, those are two key priorities and I've talked to mayor Watson in Ottawa...along with the Peel region and the mayors there...I just got off the phone again, I talk to him frequently (Toronto) mayor Tory, along with their chief medical officers as well. I'll always follow the guidelines of the health and the science and when they ask something to be done we're usually 99.9 per cent of the time we're all on the same page.

Ford said that the province will be acting quickly on taking a closer look at social gatherings and scaling back the number of people allowed to gather in one place.

"There will be fines and I'll give you the number hopefully tomorrow, but there's going to be some severe severe fines for people who want to ignore the regulations and the guidelines," said Ford. "They're going to be the highest in the country and they're going to be under provincial jurisdiction, it's not going to be federal jurisdiction so we'll make sure that they're followed through."

You can watch the full press conference from Wednesday here.