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Gas price dips nearly a cent over yesterday

Fuel selling for between 129.3 in outlying communities to 130.9 close to the city's core

Gas prices at most stations in the city are sitting between 130.9 and 132.9 this morning.

The best price near the city core is 130.9, which you can find at the Pioneer station at Falconbridge Road and Churchill Avenue, and at the Esso at Regent Street South and Long Lake Road. If you are in the Lively, Chelmsford or Azilda areas, you can find fuel for around 129.3 to 129.9 at several stations. 

Gas costs 114.3 in Espanola and 127.9 in Sturgeon Falls today.

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 1221.2, while the Canadian average is 124.7. The cheapest gas in the province is 95.9 in Curve Lake. The most expensive Ontario gas listed on today is 149.9 in Geraldton.