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Gas prices in most of Sudbury 99.9, but there's a few Hanmer stations charging less

Cheapest gas in Greater Sudbury is 92.4 at Esso in Hanmer
Gas Pump 2210-2

Most gas stations in Greater Sudbury are continuing to charge 99.9 this week, according to

There are three gas stations in the Hanmer area that are charging significantly less — the community's Esso station is charging 92.4, the Canadian Tire station is charging 92.9 and the Petro-Canada station is charging 93.3. 

Gas costs 92.9 at the Petro-Canada in Espanola (this is only station in that community whose prices are on the website currently — that price could have changed, though, as it was reported almost a day ago) and 94.6 to 94.9 in Sturgeon Falls.

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 93.4. The cheapest gas in the province is 77.9 in Muncey and Moraviantown First Nation. The most expensive Ontario gas listed on today is 117.9 in Balmertown.