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Generous sock donation from Peavey Mart to Nickel Masonic Lodge’s winter clothing donation campaign

Roughly 500 pairs of socks were donated to the lodge’s winter clothing appeal
Store general manager Jason Brown (left) and Tom Morris, master of Nickel Masonic Lodge (right).

Nickel Masonic Lodge’s annual Winter Clothing Appeal received a generous donation from Peavey Mart (Southridge Mall on Regent) on Jan. 14. The hardware company donated roughly 500 pairs of woollen winter socks for this year’s campaign. 

The Nickel Masonic Lodge donated winter garments and clothing to the YMCA last winter and they’re upholding this tradition for another year. Their mission is to give cold-weather clothing items to those in need of warmth. 

“(The woollen socks are) much needed and greatly appreciated as foot care is essential in frigid weather,” read the press release from the lodge. 

Peavey Mart general store manager Jason Brown said, “Peavey Mart is delighted to have the opportunity to support such a vital cause.”

The winter clothes will be distributed through a local outreach agency in the next few days.