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Give cyclists some space, it's the law

Cyclists Union gives a visual demonstration on safe passing distances

The Sudbury Cyclists Union held their second Pool Noodle Ride on Thursday, June 1. 

The ride was aimed at raising awareness of the one-metre passing law that was passed in 2015. 

Cyclists attached pool noodles to their bicycles to visually demonstrate the one-metre that drivers must give to a bicycle when they pass.

"The majority of riders aren't aware that this is a law now," said Rachelle Niemela, chair of the Sudbury Cyclists Union. 

"A lot of drivers aren't sure what a meter visually looks like so this ride is to give them an idea as to how much space you should allow a cyclist when passing them."

The ride started at Science North with a first loop along Ramsey Lake Road, Paris Street, Notre Dame Avenue, Lasalle Boulevard, Barrydowne Road, the Kingsway, Cedar Street and Paris Street; and a second loop along Paris Street, Regent Street, Walford Road, Paris Street, and Ramsey Lake Road going back to Science North.

"We're trying to stick to some of the busiest roads in Sudbury so that more motorists will see us," said Ursula Sauvé, president of Rainbow Routes Sudbury.

This safe passing law requires that while passing a cyclist, a motor vehicle driver must leave a minimum one-metre passing distance between the bicycle and the motor vehicle. 

The one-metre distance is measured between the outmost part of the bicycle (for example the end of the handlebars or its mirror), and the outmost part of the motor vehicle (the vehicle’s mirror). 

The penalty for not following these guidelines is a fine up to $110. 

The Sudbury Cyclists Union reminds all road users to follow the rules of the road and to drive safely.

Additional information on bicycle safety and sharing the road with cyclists can be found at the Ministry of Transportation’s web page.


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