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Honouring 10 years of rapid response for mental health distress

Canadian Mental Health Association – Sudbury/Manitoulin is pleased with the success of the Rapid Mobilization Table
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More than 1,700 individual cases of people in mental health distress have been assisted in the past 10 years by the Rapid Mobilization Table (RMT), an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association – Sudbury/Manitoulin.

The CMHA mental health agency said it was proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the RMT project that began in May of 2014.

Launched by Community Mobilization Sudbury partners and led by the CMHA Sudbury/Manitoulin, the RMT project was designed to facilitate rapid, multi-agency responses to individuals and families at serious risk of imminent harm, intervening and mitigating risk before a crisis occurs, said a news release. 

In the past decade, RMT has brought together more than 40 partners from diverse community sectors including health, children’s services, justice, education, mental health and addictions, and social services, said the release. 

CMHA described the RMT as a Situation Table, a model that has been recognized nationally as a best practice in the upstream preventative care of individuals at high risk of harm. 

"From its inception in May 2014 to April 2024, the RMT has helped over 1,700 individuals - reducing risk and providing timely support to those in need," said the release.  

One of the values of the program was being able to identify a situation before it got worse, said Dan Gelinas, RMT Liaison/ Community Response Unit at the Greater Sudbury Police Services.

“Through the RMT we have been able to address potential crises before they escalate. This collaborative, proactive approach has provided a unique opportunity to better serve some of the most vulnerable citizens in our community”. said Gelinas.

RMT organizers were pleased with the support shown by community partners.

“We are deeply grateful to our partners and the community for their continued support and commitment to the RMT,” said Kevin Cooper, Executive Director of Sudbury Community Services Centre, and member of the Community Mobilization Sudbury Steering Committee. 

“Together, we will continue to strengthen our partnerships and build on this foundation to help ensure our community has access to this unique program and the care they need," he added. 

To learn more about Community Mobilization Sudbury and the RMT please visit the Canadian Mental Health Association - Sudbury/Manitoulin website or contact Carolynn Sheehan, Community Mobilization Facilitator at [email protected].



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