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If singing makes you happy consider joining Nickel City Sound

You could be featured in a Nickel City Sound pre-show slide presentation
The Valentine Singing Telegram group from Nickel City Sound (

Nickel City Sound, along with Young Sudbury Singers, are collaborating in a concert presentation entitled The Happy Show on Saturday, April 22.

After years of not being able to perform in person, the groups have created an evening of positivity and joy, emphasizing the contribution music makes to an individual's happiness. 

The Canadian Mental Health Association will also partner with the singing groups to provide resources and options for people looking to maintain good mental health.

The groups are creating a Pre-Show Slide Presentation featuring community members sharing a personal message of what makes them happy. 

If you are interested, please provide a photo of yourself plus a line or two of what you think is the secret to happiness, or how to maintain good mental health. 

Organizers will pull from your contribution and include it in our presentation at the beginning of The Happy Show. Please include any required release conditions or permissions to use/share your image.

Send submissions to [email protected] by March 31.