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India-Canada Association of Sudbury celebrates 74th Republic Day

The Jan.28 celebration of the day was held at the Parkside Older Adult Centre and featured a feast and performances

India celebrated its 74th Republic Day on Jan. 26 with a colourful parade displaying military might and cultural diversity, honouring the day India officially adopted its constitution, making it a sovereign republic. 

Each year since, Delhi and telecast live across the country and in Sudbury, it formed the background to the evening at the Parkside Older Adults Centre on Jan. 28 for a dinner and celebration, hosted by the India-Canada Association of Sudbury. 

At the event. Dr. Rayudu Koka told that not only had India grown by “leaps and bounds” in the 74 years since the country adopted its constitution, and it is not only a powerhouse globally, but a young powerhouse at that. Koka said that 60 per cent of the country’s population is under the age of 35. 

The children were the focus of the evening, and they sang songs and made speeches about the history of India, important Indians throughout history, especially those who were influential in the country’s separation from the British Raj.  

Of course, the moment you walked in, you were greeted by the scent of the feast, prepared by the volunteers of the association, who had been working since the previous day to prepare for th event. 

The India-Canada Association of Sudbury is a non-profit, non-political community organization. More information about the association and upcoming events can be found here


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