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It’s back! GNO’s Nouveau Louvre sale is underway

You can purchase works by local artists until Jan. 13
One of the pieces for sale through Nouvel Louvre. 2022.

The Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario is pleased to present the Nouveau Louvre 2022, a holiday art sale. 

The Nouveau Louvre is a non-juried exhibition, community art sale and annual fundraiser. It is an opportunity to bring the Sudbury arts community together to promote local art practices. 

The works of the Nouveau Louvre will be on view in the gallery and online at the GNO website. All works will be sold for $200, and profits from the sales will be shared between the artist and the GNO (artist receives $125, GNO $75). 

The sale began Nov. 26, and will continue through until Jan. 13. 

This will allow those who have received a gift certificate to purchase a piece after the holidays. Visit the Nouveau Louvre website here.