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It's May the Fourth so here's a cool timelapse video of a Yoda sculpture taking shape

May the Fourth be with you!

Today is May 4. For most people, it's an average Monday. But if you're a Star Wars fan, it's not May 4; it's May the Fourth, as in May the Fourth Be With You, a take-off of the phrase "May the force be with you," a common greeting among Jedi knights in the Star Wars universe (and a coded greeting if you happen to be sympathetic to the rebels attempting to overthrow the galactic empire in the film franchise).

The is a bit divided on the question. We’ve got a diehard Trekkie in the group (looking at you Heidi “Live Long and Prosper” Ulrichsen), but we have a couple of committed Star Wars fans too (in particular, Arron “Han Shot First” Pickard, pronounced ‘Pick-erd” not “Pick-ard” just to clear).

A few years ago we sent then videographer Patrick Demers to get us a timelapse video of local sculptor Trevor Tenhave producing a sculpture of Yoda, or of his head anyway, so we could produce a neat timelapse video of the little green-skinned Jedi master.

So, in honour of May the Fourth, we’re releasing the video again today. (You don’t have to, but the video views better while wearing a bathrobe and brandishing a wrapping-paper tube lightsaber).