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L’Horizon brings ice and classroom together with hockey academy

The Hockey Canada Skills Academy at the school this year allows students in Grade 11 and 12 to improve their skills and learn about health and wellness at the same time
Students from École secondaire catholique l’Horizon (Val Caron) are learning as part of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy.

École secondaire catholique l’Horizon (Val Caron) is offering the Académie des habiletés Hockey Canada (AHHC) or Hockey Canada Skills Academy for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Available to students in Grade 11 and 12 at the school, this specialized program allows students with a passion for hockey to perfect their mastery of the sport within the framework of the school day and earn two credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

ÉSC l’Horizon is the first French-language secondary school in Greater Sudbury to offer this program, which is available at a cost of $400 per student. The fees will help cover certain costs related to the program including arena rental, transportation and equipment.

This year, the program is led by ÉSC l’Horizon teacher Paul Renaud, who participated in the AHHC summer seminar in July to benefit from classroom and on-ice training. 

Students enrolled in this new program will be able to perfect their hockey skills at Aréna Raymond Plourde (Val Caron) on Thursday and Friday mornings. From Monday to Wednesday, they will receive specialized physical and cardiovascular training sessions, presentations on various techniques offered by special guests as well as workshops on nutrition and mental health with the support of a sports psychologist. 

In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in physical fitness tests and explore different career paths in the world of hockey.

"A large number of girls and boys in our school are passionate about hockey and have expressed in the past their desire to have access to a sport-studies program that would allow them to live their passion for this sport and achieve success in their studies,” said Anik Ledo, principal of ÉSC l'Horizon. 

“Because of our fine tradition of academic and athletic excellence, it has been possible for us to meet the needs of our families and thus enrich our students' journey in high school.” 

For more information, contact Paul Renaud, teacher and manager of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy program at ÉSC l’Horizon, at 705-897-2503 or [email protected].


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