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Lifeguards no longer on duty beginning Sunday

Use of city beaches after this date is ‘at your own risk’
Lifeguard Amber Scott looks over Ramsey Lake earlier today at Bell Park Main Beach.

Although warm temperatures persist, the city has sounded its annual signal that the season is coming to a close, with lifeguards no longer on duty beginning Sunday.

Use of city beaches after this date is “at your own risk,” the city noted in a media release. Unsupervised beaches are equipped with a reaching pole, ring buoy and signs indicating lifeguards are no longer on duty for the balance of the season. 

The approved service level per city council direction is for nine weeks of lifeguard supervision at seven municipal beaches during the summer months. Lifeguards are generally post-secondary students who are returning to school.

“Children must be supervised and within arm's reach of an adult caregiver at all times,” according to the city. “Older children are reminded to swim with a buddy for greater safety.”

Washroom facilities at the city’s seven public beaches will remain open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until the end of the Labour Day weekend (Sept. 5). 

The following are the city’s seven supervised beaches, for which additional information can be found by clicking here

  • Bell Park Main Beach on Ramsey Lake in Sudbury
  • Capreol Public Beach on Marshy Lake in Capreol
  • Kalmo Beach on Whitson Lake in Val Caron
  • Centennial Park Beach at 400 Graham Road, Whitefish
  • Moonlight Beach on Ramsey Lake in Sudbury
  • Nepahwin Beach on Nepahwin Lake in Sudbury
  • Whitewater Lake Park on Whitewater Lake in Azilda

Moonlight Beach was closed briefly during the weekend due to a possible blue-green algae bloom, but has since reopened.


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