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Luncheon of Hope hits $1,000,000 fundraising milestone

Sudbury Credit Union donation pushes fundraiser into seven figures
On Oct. 7, Sudbury Credit Union made a $12,000 donation to Luncheon of Hope, bringing the 21 year fundraising total to $1,000,000. (Supplied)

On Sept. 27, the Northern Cancer Foundation hosted one of the most successful Luncheon of Hope events in its 21-year history. 

Later that afternoon, the Sudbury Credit Union wanted to help cement that legacy. On Monday, the Sudbury Credit Union and Luncheon of Hope organizing committee gathered in the Northeast Cancer Centre for a cheque presentation to make the donation official.  

Sudbury Credit Union made a $12,000 donation, bringing the 21-year fundraising total of the Luncheon of Hope to $1,000,000, a milestone that the Northern Cancer Foundation and Luncheon of Hope organizing committee hadn’t even considered 21 years ago.

“Sudbury Credit Union has had a table at the Luncheon of Hope for years but this year more than ever, we felt like we could give more,” said Debbie Korzeniecki, Chief Financial Officer at Sudbury Credit Union. 

“When Dr. Pitre took the stage and talked about her youth here in Sudbury and how donations have given her the means to stay in her community and conduct research and clinical trials at the Northeast Cancer Centre, we just knew we had to help reach this milestone.”

Funds donated to the Luncheon of Hope support important breast cancer research equipment purchases for the Health Sciences North Research Institute.

“The Luncheon of Hope is one of our longest-running events and is run by some of our longest-tenured volunteers. The ladies are beyond dedicated and it shows. Twenty-one years and $1 million is incredible. We’re lucky to have this committee and we’re lucky to have supportive community partners like Sudbury Credit Union to make milestones like these possible,” said Tannys Laughren, executive director of the Northern Cancer Foundation.

Currently, the Luncheon of Hope is fundraising for the purchase of an IncuCyte Live Cell Analysis System that allows researchers to acquire and analyze cell imagery around the clock, providing an information-rich analysis that is easy to achieve. The IncuCyte system costs $150,000.

“This donation from the Sudbury Credit Union shows why it’s so important for us to share our stories and to be proud of our work at the Northeast Cancer Centre. Stories like Sharon Hampson’s, Jen Faucher’s and Dr. Lacey Pitre’s stoke the philanthropic spirit in our city and across northeastern Ontario. Congratulations to the Luncheon of Hope Committee and the Northern Cancer Foundation for 21 years and a million dollars invested in hope,” said Anthony Keating, president and CDO of Foundations, HSNVA & HSNVS.

"The Northern Cancer Foundation would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to the Sudbury Credit Union for its generous investment in hope and would also like to thank the tireless efforts of the Luncheon of Hope Committee," said a news release from NCF.

"This incredible group of ladies do so much of the legwork selling tickets, gathering raffle items and they always ensure that the Luncheon of Hope is a success. Thank you so much for all your hard work over the years!"

As always, 100 per cent of the funds raised stay in Sudbury to support the Northeast Cancer Centre.