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More four-laning of Hwy 69 on the books under 2021 Ontario Highways Program

Projects on the books for Hwy 69 includes more than 60 km of roadway being expanded to four lanes, though construction is currently underway on only one section
Highway 69 2016

The Ontario government has released the 2021 Ontario Highways Program, an online resource that provides information on highway projects that are planned and underway. 

Among the highways on the books is the continued four-laning of Highway 69 between Sudbury and southern Ontario. 

Currently underway is the widening from two to four lanes of 14.8 kilometres of roadway north of Highway 522 at the French River. The section is to be completed in 2022.

Also in the planning stages for Highway 69, but with no targetted completion date are the following:

  • Widening to four lanes an 11-km section north of Hwy 559 at Nobel
  • Widening to four lanes a 20.4-km section north of the junction with Hwy 529 north toward Britt
  • Widening to four lanes an 11-km section north of Hwy 7182 (Shebeshegong Road) north at Pointe au Baril
  • Widening to four lanes, as well as a new bridge and new culvert, south of the junction with Hwy 529, northerly at Pointe au Baril
  • Widening to four lanes for 6.2 kilometres and building a connection to the southeast bypass at Sudbury
  • New facility planned at the Hwy 529 interchange patrol yard

See the plans for northern Ontario here.

“This valuable information allows people to see highway projects that are being built or planned in their communities and across the province,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “It also helps the construction industry by providing a multi-year outlook of planned projects to help them better prepare for the future.”

Ontario has allocated approximately $2.6 billion in funding for 2021-22 to expand and repair provincial highways and bridges​ according to a news release.

The Ontario Highways Program includes data on over 580 expansion and rehabilitation projects that have committed construction funding and are either underway or currently planned. All expansion projects with construction funding are identified, while rehabilitation projects are focused on a four-year period (2021-2024).

The 2021 program is viewable to everyone on the Ontario Highways Program website.

Beginning this year, the published program will include more detailed project information, such as the engineering status, value range, and where known, delivery model. The program will also be updated twice per year.