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NDP plan includes commitment to climate action, end of ‘big oil subsidies’

Local candidates say ‘to reinvest in renewable energy is exactly what northerners need’
Nadia Verrelli (left) is the NDP candidate in Sudbury, while Andréane Chénier is the party’s candidate in Nickel Belt.
In an Aug. 23 release, NDP candidates Nadia Verrelli (Sudbury) and Andréane Chénier (Nickel Belt), stated that the party would “end billions in subsidies to big oil and to reinvest in renewable energy is exactly what northerners need.” 

“Young people and children today deserve a safer and cleaner environment,” said Verrelli (Sudbury).  “Justin Trudeau promised to fight climate change but instead made it worse by giving away billions in subsidies to big oil.  We need real and immediate action to turn this around.”

Chénier, NDP candidate for Nickel Belt, agreed. “We are facing a climate emergency and we can’t afford another four years of Trudeau’s broken climate promises and billion-dollar support of big oil,” said Chénier.  “Let’s end those subsidies and invest in energy to power a better, greener future for our children.”

The release states that Prime Minister Trudeau's record of failure on the climate crisis “includes breaking his promise to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil, and instead increasing them to levels higher than when the Conservatives were in government.”

It notes that during his time as Prime Minister, Trudeau has made Canada the only G7 country to have increased its emissions. Canada has become the third biggest air polluter in the OECD. 

The release continues to say federal NDP leader Signh “committed to identifying and eliminating harmful subsidies given to oil and gas companies and reallocating them to the clean, renewable energy sector instead. He committed to cutting Canada’s emissions by more than half by the year 2030 with projects like electrifying public transit. “ 

He also pledged $500 million in funding to support Indigenous-led stewardship programs to advance reconciliation and protect the land, water and forests, including old growth.