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New Ontario school absentee website now live: Sudbury’s St. Charles College posts 45% absentee rate

These absences represent both staff and students, and aren’t necessarily connected to COVID
St. Charles College. (File)

Parents can now visit an Ontario government website to learn the absenteeism rate at their child’s school.

When schools reopened to in-person learning on Jan. 17, the province no longer required them to share information about COVID-19 cases.

Instead parents will be notified when absenteeism among staff and students reaches 30 per cent, regardless of whether those absences are connected to the virus, and as of today, information about absences will be posted online, said a Canadian Press story.

The province's website, which went live this morning (Jan. 24), shares information about how many schools were closed, and also has a searchable table showing the combined absenteeism rate for staff and students by school.

The website shows data about the previous school day.

The province also reports on the website that 16 of the province’s 4,844 schools are closed due to COVID-19, but does not say which schools those are.

Locally, data from Rainbow District School Board, Sudbury Catholic District School Board and Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l'Ontario is currently available on the website. 

Data from Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon does not appear to be available as of’s review of the site this morning.

Other than a couple of specialized school programs, the highest absentee rate at a local school (based on information currently available on the website) is at the Sudbury Catholic board’s St. Charles College, which had an absentee rate of 45.2 per cent on Jan. 21.

The highest absentee rate at a local Rainbow board school is at Lansdowne Public School, at 41.8 per cent, while CSPGNO’s École Secondaire Hanmer had an absentee rate of 24.5 per cent.

Looking at small, specialized programs, the Rainbow board’s SHILO program had a 71.4-per-cent absentee rate, while Mishko-Ode-Wendam, another specialized Rainbow board program, had an absentee rate of 44 per cent.

CSPGNO’s École Cap sur l'Avenir, an alternative high school program, had an absentee rate of 43.2 per cent. 

You can check out the absentee rate at your child’s school here.