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New Sudbury Walmart carts no longer $1 to use

Deposit no longer required for shopping carts at New Sudbury Walmart
In April of this year, New Sudbury Walmart announced that shoppers would be required to pay a $1 deposit for carts. The store reversed that decision this week and carts are once again deposit-free. File photo.

Shoppers who frequent the Walmart in New Sudbury no longer have to fish for a loonie in order to use a shopping cart.

The store decided this week that customers will no longer have to insert $1 into the carts in order to use them.

Back in April, New Sudbury Walmart announced that shoppers would be required to deposit $1 to use the carts, and their dollar would be returned once the cart was returned.

The reasoning behind the decision was to attempt to curb theft of the carts, as well as deter customers from leaving them scattered about the parking lot.

The announcement of the $1 deposit was met with an outpouring of disapproval from shoppers, with some commenters on saying they would no longer shop at the New Sudbury Walmart.

Shopping carts at New Sudbury Walmart still have the coin slot, but they are no longer needed to use the carts.

"The coin slots are still on there, but they've just been moved over so that people don't have to lock them together," said a manager at New Sudbury Walmart who didn't wish to have their name on the record. received letters from readers who condemned the idea, and others who didn't see the $1 deposit as a big deal.

What are your thoughts on New Sudbury Walmart opting to go back to deposit-free shopping carts? 

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