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Notice declaring an outbreak posted at Balmoral apartments

Notices from Public Health were posted Friday and Saturday, tenant says

A tenant at Balmoral Apartments has many questions after Public Health Sudbury and Districts declared a COVID-19 outbreak there on Feb. 25.

Three notices have been posted at the apartment complex, located at 720 Bruce Ave., said the tenant, who asked that his name not be used. 

The first notice, posted by Sudbury Housing Corporation, informed residents that someone living there who might have COVID-19. That was posted Friday

The second notice, posted by Public Health, stated an outbreak has been declared at the building, posted Saturday, while the third notice informed tenants that community paramedicine will offer onsite COVID-19 testing for tenants and staff on Feb. 28.

The outbreak notice is dated Feb. 25, but only posted Feb. 26, said the tenant.

On Friday morning, the resident said they stepped outside their apartment and saw a person dressed in what was described as basically a “hazmat” suit posting a notice near the elevator.

Given the situation in North Bay, where dozens of people have tested positive for COVID-19 in connection to an outbreak at Skyline-Lancelot Apartments, it was cause for concern, said the resident.

He said other than the notices posted in the building, he hasn’t heard from anyone about the situation.

“We would like to be informed, and to keep this from becoming something similar to what is happening in North Bay,” said the resident.

The Balmoral Apartments are not listed in the outbreaks section on PHSD’s website. A phone call to the health unit’s communications department was unreturned.